Granite Types in India | Best Indian Granite Colours

Granite Types in India Granite Stone Colours
Granite is an igneous rock, this means it is formed by the slow crystallization of magma beneath the earth’s surface. It is not only famous for its aesthetic quality but also for its durability. India has over 200 shades of granite. As of 2005, India was ranked 5th in export of processed granite products. Major …

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Granite is an igneous rock, this means it is formed by the slow crystallization of magma beneath the earth’s surface. It is not only famous for its aesthetic quality but also for its durability. India has over 200 shades of granite. As of 2005, India was ranked 5th in export of processed granite products. Major states where vast reserves of granite can be found are  Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Telangana and  Andhra Pradesh.

Here is a list of types of granite stone in India:

  1. Black Granite
    1. Telephone Black Granite
    2. K black Granite
    3. Pearl Black Granite
    4. Rajasthan Black Granite
    5. Black Galaxy Granite
    6. Black Forest Granite
    7. Coin Black Granite
    8. Kosh Black Granite
  2. Red Granite
    1. New Imperial Red Granite
    2. Red Multicolour Granite
    3. Lakha Red Granite
    4. Mungeria Red Granite
    5. Ruby Red Granite
    6. Asian Top Granite
    7. Alaska Red Granite
  3. Brown Granite
    1. Tan Brown Granite
    2. Icon Brown Granite
    3. Bash Paradiso Granite
    4. Cherry Brown Granite
    5. Guj. Brown Granite
    6. Baltic Brown Granite
    7. Brazil Brown Granite
  4. Gold Granite
    1. Colonial Gold Granite
    2. Sivakasi Gold Granite
    3. Ivory Gold Granite
    4. Malwa Gold Granite
  5. White Granite
    1. Pearl White Granite
    2. Alaska White Granite
    3. Colonial White Granite
    4. Viscount White Granite
    5. Sahara White Granite
    6. Aster White Granite
    7. SK White Granite
    8. Cera Grey Granite

Black Granite

Black is a popular granite colour, most popular being the telephone black granite of India. Black is a very versatile colour and finds huge applications in areas such as kitchen countertops, door frames, window frames, wall coverings, bathroom tiles, floorings, monuments, gravestones and the list goes on. Black granite is found both in the northern and the southern regions of India. Granites from northern and southern regions of India differ in their appearance, properties and costs. Black granite is hard, strong and consistent.

Here are the most prominent black granites of India:

  1. Telephone Black Granite
    • Telephone black granite of the highest quality has negligible white spots and appears completely black. Telephone black granite is found in the southern region of India. Telephone black granite is hard, chemical resistant and fairly consistent. The quality of telephone black granite depends on the blackness of the slabs. The presence of white spots drastically reduces the quality of telephone black granite.
  2. K Black Granite
    • K. Black granite is short for Khammam Black Granite. Khammam is the location where this granite is mined. Khammam Black granite has varying sizes of white dotted flowers with a plain base. Despite these flowers, K black granite can appear to be plain black from a distance. Further, when leathered the white flowers almost disappear and it might resemble telephone black granite. This is the reason we suggest this granite for leathered applications.
  3. Pearl Black Granite
    • Pearl Black granite is also mined from the southern part of India. Pearl black granite has a black base with dark-green flowery crystals. This granite is especially famous for its consistency. Pearl black granite is hard and stain resistant. This makes it one of the most popular black granites of India.
  4. Rajasthan Black Granite
    • Rajasthan Black granite is one of the few black granites found in the northern part of India, i.e. in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Black granite has tiny blueish black balls embedded in a black base. The colour of these balls varies from dark blue to purple and given an iconic look to the granite. Rajasthan black granite is a stylistic black granite without being too flamboyant. This granite is a subtle twist to the plain black granite which makes it a designer’s choice.
  5. Black Galaxy Granite
    • Black Galaxy granite is one of the most renowned granite of India. Black galaxy granite is exported to all corners of the world. This granite has gold or silver crystals ingrained in a deep black base. These crystals are scarcely distributed throughout the surface of the slabs and glisten when light hits at certain angles. At night, this granite resembles a celestial galaxy, hence the name – Black Galaxy Granite. The quality of this granite depends on several factors, some of them being:
      • Blackness of the base
      • The density of crystals
      • The colours of crystals
      • Size of crystals
  6. Apart from the plain black granites, black granite can also have patterns and designs. These patterns range from being subtle spots to extensive designs.
  7. Black Forest Granite
    • Black forest granite has a network of white striations that span throughout the slab. The network can sometimes form alluring contours. This granite is extensively used for commercial spaces owing to its superior look while showing all the indispensable properties of granite. Full-sized slabs of black forest granite are more prominently used as it loses its exotic patterns when cut into smaller tiles.
  8. Coin Black Granite
    • A black granite with coin-sized white discs across the enitre surface.
  9. Kosh Black Granite
    • Actually, when you look closely at this granite, it is deep blue. However, it is so dark that it can be considered black. This granite has large ovoid bright-coloured crystals which contrast with the black base. This granite is even more beautiful when lapatro finished.

Red Granite

Red is another very common granite colour. Red is predominantly used for countertops and flooring details. Red granite is also a very popular granite for monuments and graves. Majority of red granite reserves of India are in its northern region.

Here is a list of types of red granites of India:

  1. New Imperial Red Granite:
    • New Imperial Red Granite is also known as Ruby Red Granite. This granite is primarily mined in the India state of Rajasthan. The colour of this granite resembles a grainy mixture of red, bluish-red and light blue spots. Since this granite is hard, it takes up a glass like polish. It is also consistent in its colour and pattern.
  2. Red Multicolour Granite
    • Red Multicolour granite is one of the few red granites of the southern part of India. This granite has beautiful fluid patterns of red, grey, white and black colours. These waves form fascinating patterns throughout the slabs. If book matched, this granite can form compelling shapes in the flooring or wall coverings.
  3. Lakha Red Granite
    • Lakha Red Granite is the renowned red granite. It is popular because of its consistent and spotless red surface. This granite is exported all around the world. Lakha Red Granite is hard, strong and resilient to chemical attacks.
  4. Cat’s Eye Granite
    • Cat’s Eye granite is dark-reddish brown. This granite lies between brown and red shades. It has medium-sized grains of a lighter colour that blend beautifully with the base.
  5. Alaska Red Granite
    • Alaska Red Granite is one of the most beautiful red granites. This Alaskan granite is most commonly used for flooring and staircases. Alaska Red Granite has black macro patterns along with waves of a lighter shade of red. These give it a very exotic and eye-catching look. Hence, this granite is also used for wall-coverings to highlight certain areas of the space. For example, wash basin granite, etc.

Brown Granite

  1. Tan Brown Granite
    • Tan Brown granite is by far the most popular brown granite from India. Tan brown granite is used for kitchen countertop, floorings, wall coverings, etc. This granite has a rich brown base with lighter grains ranging from medium to large size. This granite is extremely consistent in its colour. It is hard and resistant to stains.
  2. Icon Brown Granite
    • Icon Brown Granite is a premium granite. It is also found in the northern part of India. This granite has a plain brown colour. It is exceptionally hard and chemical resistant.
  3. Bash Paradiso Granite
    • This granite consists of waves of brown shades. Bash Paradiso granite is also one of the most exported granites of India. Bash Paradiso granite is found in the southern part of India.
  4. Cherry Brown Granite
    • Cherry Brown granite resembles the color of a ripe cherry, a saturated brown. This granite is found in the northern part of India. Cherry Brown Granite is relatively porous. It is chemical resistant, but sealing the granite is essential because of its high porosity.
  5. Crystal Brown Granite
    • Crystal Brown Granite has a noisy brown texture. It is a combination of warped brown and black rings on a white background. This granite is prominently used for countertops because of its consistency, and the ability to sustain a top level of polish.
  6. B Brown Granite
    • B Brown granite has abnormally enormous light coloured grains on a reddish brown base. This granite is not so popular because of its muted colours. It is often converted using epoxies for domestic applications.
  7. Z Brown Granite
    • Z Brown granite is a reddish-brown granite with small crystals. These light-coloured shapes form a tight matrix of spots that look very appealing. This granite is often leathered because of the way it sustains the finish. Z Brown granite is one of the better brown granites. It is highly preferred by designers because of its visual appearance. Its chemical and physical properties also make it a popular choice.

White Granite

  1. P White Granite
    • This granite is the most popular white granite of India. This granite’s consistency, brightness and cheap price has really caught on. P White granite is a standard granite for commercial projects. P White granite can even be used for floorings in the form of tiles or slabs. Even though this granite is a little porous, sealing the granite ensures a longer life of the granite surface.
  2. Alaska White Granite
    • Alaskan White Granite is a designer granite. A melange of waves, swirls and asters blend to form the surface of this granite. This granite has varying levels of transparency throughout the slab. This breaks the brazing light like an Onyx Marble. Alaskan Granites, hence, are also used for lighting and wall coverings. Since these granites fragile are consolidated using resin, they can only be used for floorings, wall coverings and stairs.
  3. Colonial White Granite
    • Colonial granite is a splendid blend of cloudy whites, and greys speckled with deep black accentuations. Colonial White granite is primarily used for countertops, but it can easily be fit for all other applications of granite. This is granite marginally softer than other granite. This granite is quarried in Rajasthan. It is used for contemporary projects and has a long-lasting natural lustre.
  4. Viscount White Granite
    • Viscount White Granite is has a grainy white and black background highlighted with black fluid waves spanning throughout the slab. Viscount White Granite is widely used for countertops and wall coverings. Since this granite has such fascinating patterns, it can be book matched for flooring applications.
  5. Meera White Granite
    • Meera White Granite has a white base with thin black foliations. Meera white granite is also littered with miniscule black ad grey spots. Meera White Granite is exported to all parts of the world. This granite is also predominantly used for countertops and wall coverings. Meera White granite is hard.

A note on Commercial Granites

For commercial projects, companies often opt for a commercial grade of granites. Commercial grade of granites are considerably cheaper than premium granites owing to their imperfections. These defects are usually visual and normally do not affect the structural integrity of the granite. Particularly, when granite is leathered, a commercial grade of granite may be a logical choice since the visual imperfections are concealed after the surface treatment.

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