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At Petros™ we help you find the right quartz, granite or stone for your projects. With the Best Quartz in India, design with over 400 types of granite, quartz, marbles, stones and more. Leave in your details, and we will help you.

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Looking for Kitchen Countertops?

Find out more about kitchen design and get best kitchen prices for countertops, granites and more. 

Quartz Stone

Petros™stone Quartz is manufactured using high-grade raw materials. Quartz Stone slabs can be used for kitchen countertops. To explore kitchen countertop designs and quartz stone colours


Expand your stone colour palette with 150+ granite, quartz and full body slabs.

Close up Photo of Granite

The natural beauty of igneous stone polished to perfection. A 100% Natural.


Engineered stone designed to deliver a unique sensation of touch.

Granite Slabs

Petros™ granite slabs are manufactured with state of the art manufacturing facilities bringing you the finest of natural granite from all over the world.


"I have always searched for materials that harmonize the senses of touch and sight. After finding out about Petros, that search ended."
Principal Architect
Viren B
Principal Architect
"I really love Petrostone Quartz. The color is so rich compared to other options. Well designed."
Interior Designer
Kalpana G
Interior Designer
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