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What are Quartz Countertops/Quartz Stone Slabs? Quartz Stone slabs are made by blending natural stone(quartz) with binders and polymers, creating a vacuum and shaping the mix into slabs. Quartz Stone Countertops have become very popular nowadays. Unlike Granite, they are not limited to the colours of nature. They are available in a wide range of …

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What are Quartz Countertops/Quartz Stone Slabs?

Quartz Stone slabs are made by blending natural stone(quartz) with binders and polymers, creating a vacuum and shaping the mix into slabs.

Quartz Stone Countertops have become very popular nowadays. Unlike Granite, they are not limited to the colours of nature. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures.. Quartz is one of the hardest materials on earth and hence, quite a reasonable choice for your home.

Best Quartz Brand in India | Price (updated 2024)

Petros® premium quality quartz has become India’s most trusted quartz brand. With exceptional stain, heat and scratch resistance, and entirely manufactured in Italy, Petros® offers one of the highest quality quartz in India.

Quartz Stone Slab Size

1630mm x 3230mm
1450mm x 3050mm
3500mm x 1850mm

Quartz Stone Price in India

₹210/ sq. ft to ₹3,000/sq ft | USD 30.24/SQM to USD 432/SQM

Best Brands of Quartz Slabs

Petros® High Grade Quartz

Petros® Stone Quartz Stone – Price

₹310/sq ft – ₹800/sq ft | USD 43.2/SQM to USD 432/SQM

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Price in India

Quartz countertop prices (entire countertop) can range from anywhere between ₹25,000 to ₹5,00,000 depending on the size of the countertop, the quartz brand, thickness, design, texture and quality.

Foremost, you need to choose the quartz brand. Each brand has its own competencies that you must know before deciding. We will discuss the best way to buy these materials to make sure you don’t pay more than you have to. Let’s now look at the best quartz stone brands in India.

Why Petros® is more suitable for Indian Kitchens?

Petrosstone has come up with some very useful features that have established it as an industry leader. Here are some of the reasons why Petros® ahas emerged as the market leader in Quartz Stone Slabs:

  1. High-grade quartz and pigments: You will only have to make a kitchen once. High flexural strength for excellent durability.
  2. Reasonable Prices: Reasonable prices – Unlike other high-grade quartz, Petros® may actually be affordable for all types of spaces.
  3. Product Range: Extensive collection to choose from. 80+ colours.
  4. Conformity and Standards: Consistent and conforms International standards of heat and stain resistance.

Petros® Stone – High Grade – Italian Shades

Best Quartz Countertops in India with Prices

Here is a list of the best Quartz Brands in India:

  • Petrosstone (High-Grade)
  • Caeserstone
  • Silestone
  • Petros® Quartz
  • Corian Quartz
  • Kalinga Stone

1. Caeserstone

About the Company

Caeserstone was founded in 1987. Caeserstone is considered as the inventor of Quartz surfaces, as we know today. Caesarstone was the first company to use advanced technological processes to blend quartz, binders and pigments, creating high-quality surfaces with up to 90% quartz.

Their products undergo deliberate analysis to ensure highest level of health, safety and environment standards.

Caesarstone has a history of innovation in technical and artistic domains. They collaborate with leading designers in the industry to bring forth some of most extra-ordinary quartz surfaces of the century. They provide you with a unique palette of designs, textures and colours so you can completely customize your space to your liking.

Product Range

Their product range is majorly divided into Supernatural, Classico, Metropolitan and Concetto Collections. Each collection has its own defining characteristics.


Caeserstone surfaces are some of the highest quality quartz surfaces that you can buy in India. They are manufactured in US and Israel.


Caeserstone is expensive. Because of this, it is rarely used. Don’t worry, you need not spend that much for a decent quartz surface in your home.

Price of Caeserstone Quartz in India: ₹2200/sq ft.

Our Recommendation

Although Caesarstone quartz surfaces are exquisite, we believe they are inordinately priced. Petrosstone is a reputable manufacturer of high-grade quartz with high-quality pigments to ensure strong and stain-resistant surfaces, all these at a fraction of the price. Contact here.

2. Silestone

About the Company

Silestone is a quartz brand by Cosentino. Cosentino is a global leader in quartz and natural stone products. Silestone is more popularly known as Cosentino brand.

Product Range

The Silestone product range is categorized based on hues (colour of the quartz), textures and style to make selection easy. Primary quartz colours of grey, brown, beige and black are available in marble, solid and granulate styles. They also have a wide metalled quartz range.

Besides the common polished surface texture, Silestone is also available in a variety of surface finished unlike raw volcano and suede.

Silestone also has unique granite-like quartz, for instance, Sienna Ridge and Mountain Mist resemble a variety of Indian natural granite.


Silestone, like Caesarstone, have high-grade quartz surfaces. Silestone also has a more unparalleled product range. Silestone also has an unprecedented 25-year limited transferrable warranty. No other quartz brand that we know of has such an offer.


Silestone products are fine. They also have a unique collection. But again, you might not want to make your kitchen a fashion statement.

Price of Silestone Quartz in India: ₹2150/sq ft

Our Recommendation

Go with silestone for the warranty if you really need the assurance. In our experience quartz slabs are intrinsically strong and you will probably not face major issues if you choose any reputable brand.

3. Petrosstone Quartz

About the Company

Petrosstone is the first Indian company to offer quartz surfaces in a variety of surface finishes. Petrosstone quartz is made from high-grade quartz and pigments that ensure high-flexural strength and vibrant pigmentation. This ensures quartz slabs are strong and durable with rich dynamic colours for your architectural space. Petrosstone quartz was launched to fill an enormous demand for affordable luxury quartz surfaces. Ever since its inception, petrosstone has grown to become a leader in that space.

Product Range

Petrosstone has first-in-class matte and leathered quartz surfaces. Petrosstone quartz is available in over 50 colours and textures, giving you the abundant resources to manifest your imaginations. Petrosstone has 4 major quartz collections, namely: Glitz, Clear, Fine and Marble collections. The Glitz collection has exceptionally prime quality quartz crystals that glisten at certain angles. Clear and fine series are profoundly subtle, embodying minimal and smooth styles. Leathered quartz is most defining characteristic of petrosstone quartz. These muted reflections add more personality re to the space than they seem to. Each collection of petrosstone quartz has a wide range of colours to choose from.

Petrosstone Quartz:

Premium Quartz, high strength and accurate colour representation.


Petrosstone quartz is certified to comply with major quality standards. Petrosstone uses high-grade quartz minerals with fine pigments to ensure deep colouration and maximum conformity.

Petrosstone also suggests the best surface for you depending your application. You can get in touch here.


If you are looking for high-grade quartz surfaces at reasonable prices. Petrosstone Quartz is the perfect options for you. Considering the quality, strength, resilience and colour range, petrosstone quartz is the best options for quartz slabs.

Price of Petrosstone Quartz (High-Grade) in India : 390-1290/sq ft

4. Corian Quartz

About the Brand

Corian quartz is a brand by the chemical giant DuPont. Corian Quartz is not to be confused with Corian Solid Surfaces. Solid Surfaces are a completely different product altogether. In India, Corian is more popularly known for its solid-surfaces overshadowing their quartz series.

Corian quartz is another high-grade quartz stone slab widely available in India.

Product Range

Corian Quartz also has a wide range of colours but lacks any special textures. They do have a largest range of colours and patterns. Their product range has been broadly divided into: Light Granular Quartz, Light Veined Quartz, Dark Granular Quartz and Dark Veined Quartz.  Dark grained and veined quartz tread more towards the natural look whereas the lighter colours are c.


Corian quartz is surprisingly not popular in India. This is because many Indian companies like AGL, Kalinga and BABA have dominated this space since the beginning. Corian Quartz cannot be the first choice for high-grade quartz surfaces. Corian Solid-surfaces, have apparently overshadowed the Corian quartz series.


Price of Corian Quartz in India: ₹1680/sq ft

5. AGL

About the Brand

AGL was one of the first Indian companies to enter the domestic marketplace. However, the company has always remained inclined towards exporting their very best quality products.

Product Range

Product range is not as wide as the other options above. Quartz is available only in polished texture.


The major issue that people have faced with AGL products are that dealers procure export-rejected material at low prices and then pass it off to unknowing customers at the cost of the company’s reputation.


Price of AGL Quartz in India: ₹150/sq ft to ₹250/sq ft

Other Brands

There are many other companies like OGL, Kalinga Stone, BABA. To know more about them. Please enter your email (click here) because such details cannot be disclosed publicly – you will get a free pdf with all details and best prices.

Kalinga Quartz Price in India: Starting ₹‎310/sq ft

Calculating the Total Cost of Quartz Slabs

To find out the total cost of the countertop, you must find out the total number of quartz stone slabs you will require for the job. The average area that a quartz stone slab covers is 48 sq. ft.
So, if the total area of material required for the job is 210sq ft, you must purchase 5 slabs of quartz stone. The rest of the quartz slab shall go to waste.

This will unfairly increase the cost of your kitchen. To reduce this, at Petrosstone, you only pay for what you use. You can get in touch here.

Quartz Stone Dining Table Price in India

To find out the price of quartz stone countertops, you will need to find the total area of quartz you will require for the entire project. Ask your contracted architect/designer/contractor for help if you don’t know what this means. Once you have the total area of quartz required (in square feet) you can figure out the number of slabs that you will need. This depends on the size of the quartz slab available. Quartz slabs are usually around 4’9″ x 10′ in size. Thus, each slab is approximately 50sqft. Diving the total square footage of material required by the square feet covered by each slab will give you the total number of slabs required for the project. Once you know the total number of slabs required, you can easily find out the approximate cost of quartz by multiplying them with the per square feet price of the quartz.

Quartz Top Dining Table by Petrosstone
Quartz Top Dining Table by Petrosstone

How to find the right cost of quartz Countertops in India?

The price of quartz stone primarily depends on the following three factors:

a. Brand

The brand of the quartz affects the quality of polymers, quality control measures and processing standards. The more important question is, does it matter? In India, major brands like AGL, Kalinga are inclined to export quartz. Foreign buyers pay a premium and have stringent quality control conditions which companies must abide by. On the other hand, the domestic market is lenient in terms of quality. Hence, companies can get away with selling low quality products at hyped-up prices.

b. Size and Thickness

Size and thickness of slab directly affects the price of quartz slabs. Larger and thicker quartz slabs cost more than small and thinner quartz slabs. Quartz Stone slabs are available in 15, 20 and 30mm thicknesses with a standard size of 4.75*10. Custom size and thicknesses are available for project requirements.

c. Design and Pattern of Quartz Slab

Companies have come up with hundreds of designs in almost every colour and pattern imaginable in quartz countertops. There is no established rationale for design/color based pricing but broadly all quartz slabs can be categorized into three types: Crystal, Plain and Marble in the order of increasing prices.

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