10 Best Granite in India with Price – Kitchen, Frame and Flooring

Granite is a very common choice for countertops. They have been around for centuries. Granite is hard to stain and chemical resistant, a perfect option for countertops. Kitchen countertops affect the entire style of kitchen. Sometimes, a simple black of grey countertop might just work right, but for this list, we will look at unique, artistic countertop granites that will transform the entire look of your kitchen. We also look into the prices of these granite colours for kitchen countertops so you can make better decisions.

Best Granite for Kitchen/Frame/Flooring/Wall and their Price List

No.Countertop GranitePrice RangeGet Exact Price in Pune
1.All Black Granite₹75-₹250Get Black Granite Price List
2.All White Granite₹80-₹315Get White Granite PriceList
3.All Gold Granite₹103-₹413

10 Beautiful Granite for Kitchen Countertops

10. Bash Paradiso Granite

This granite has a rich brown colour with light brown striations. Brown is a versatile colour. Beige themes trendy and this granite perfectly complements them. This granite is best coupled with a beige Italian marble flooring. You can also book-match this granite for certain applications.

This is a very common yet beautiful granite, you won’t face difficulty in finding it at your local dealer.

Properties of Bash Paradiso GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceHigh
Properties of Bash Paradiso Granite
Kitchen Granite Bash Paradiso
Kitchen Granite: Bash Paradiso

9. Flash Blue Granite

If you are looking for an extremely resilient granite countertop that won’t budge no matter how reckless you are in the kitchen, then this is the granite for you. Despite being this hard, it looks exceptionally attractive. It has long sub-surface crystals glow when light hits at certain angles. It’s almost impossible to not notice this granite.

Hard and stain resistant. Not very common, but with a little help from Petrosstone you will find it.

Properties of Flash Blue GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceHigh
Properties of Flash Blue Granite
Flash Blue Granite for Staircase
Kitchen Countertop Granite: Flash Blue Granite

8. Colonial Gold Granite

Colonial Gold Granite granite has a premium chrome yellow base with multi-colour speckles that make it look like a golden nebula. This granite alludes more to a classic style. If that’s your thing, it’s a go! This granite highly differs between blocks so it is important you choose a slab you like the most.

Properties of Colonial Gold GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceLow
Properties of Colonial Gold Granite
Kitchen Granite : Colonial Gold Granite Countertop
Kitchen Granite: Colonial Gold Granite Countertop

7. Southern White Granite

This might appear to be an unusual granite colour. Although it appears to be bland from a distance, it has tiny purple and burgundy speckles that interact with light to create a very charming look. Don’t trust the photo. It doesn’t do justice to the actual beauty of this granite.

Properties of Southern White GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceModerate
Properties of Southern White Granite
Kitchen Granite : Southern White Granite for Countertops

6. Lakha Red Granite

If red is your thing, this granite is the best option out there. There are several mining locations for this granite and the colour varies significantly. This is a little expensive than other granite but I advise you to buy the best looking one. There are a few cheaper alternatives to this granite, but they don’t come anywhere close to the look of this granite.

Properties of Lakha Red GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceHigh
Properties of Lakha Red Granite
Kitchen Granite: Lakha Red Granite

5. Viscount White Granite

This granite is one of the largest exporting granite of India. Super white base with dots of black overpowered by grey and black ripples. If you’re into the black and white theme, you’d definitely love this granite.

Properties of Viscount White GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceModerate
Properties of Viscount White Granite
Kitchen Granite: Viscount White Granite

4. Vizag Blue Granite

Blue is difficult to find in nature. So, it was shocking for me to find a granite that was utterly blue. It has long striations that add to the aesthetic value. Patterns in Vizag Blue Granite can add flow to the countertop. Hard and resistant to stains. Not very excessive when you consider the additional surface treatment it has. It might be difficult to find a dealer, but we can help you out here.

Properties of Vizag Blue GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceHigh
Properties of Vizag Blue Granite
Blue Granite – Vizag Blue Granite For Countertop

3. Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy granite is a common granite in India. That doesn’t mean it’s too bland for our taste. Black galaxy granite is pitch black in base with golden crystals ranging in size from a few millimetres to even two centimetres. This granite is aptly named. If it is dark outside, it looks as though you are looking to space.

Black galaxy granite can also be leathered, but it loses its distinctive crystals to an extent.

Properties of Black Galaxy GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceHigh
Properties of Black Galaxy Granite
Kitchen Countertop Black Galaxy Granite

2. Aster White Granite

Alaskan white granite is famous for its wonderful pattern, but a major drawback of Alaskan granites is that they are not firm and have to be reinforced with resin. Indian Aster white granite is the only white granite which is firm despite having such beautiful designs making it the best of both worlds. Therefore, this granite has earned the number two spot on our list.

This granite is much more chemical and stain-resistant when compared to other white granites. Even though it is white, it is relatively non-porous. However, we still advise you to seal it. It is also much harder. This granite is our first recommendations if you want to use white granite.

Properties of Aster White GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceHigh
Properties of Aster White Granite
Aster White Granite for Countertop

1. Shiva Gold Granite

This granite is dynamic in appearance. The aggressive red hues on a light background add to this perception. However, some black lack the dominance of red streaks, which make it look much more sophisticated and calm. Here is an example project that uses this granite effectively.

Properties of Shiva Gold GraniteRemarks
Heat ResistanceHigh
Stain ResistanceModerate
Properties of Shiva Gold Granite
Kitchen Countertop: Shiva Gold Granite

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