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Indian White Mabrle is one of best white marbles in the world. Learn about the types of indian marble with pictures and latest prices.

Indian White marble is one of the most popular white marbles in the world. There are more than 100 types of Indian White Marbles. This article specifically revolves around different sorts of white marbles and their prices. The price of these white marbles can range from ₹‎55 – ₹‎1500 / sqft and even more. This usually depends on the whiteness of the marble.

Indian White Marble Types | Price

Here is a list of the best Indian White Marbles with their prices:

NoName of MarbleImagesMarble Price IndiaMarble Price ExportExact PriceContact
1Fantasy Blue Marble₹ 180/ Square Foot$32.28/SQM Exact PriceChat
2Cream White Marble₹ 280/ Square Foot$50.21/SQM Exact PriceChat
3Toronto BrownMarble₹ 230/ Square Foot$41.25/SQM Exact PriceChat
4Makrana Pure White Marble₹ 500 – ₹ 1500/ Square Foot$89.67-$269/SQM Exact PriceChat
5Greta Marble₹ 60- ₹ 180/ Square Foot$10.76-$32.28/SQM Exact PriceChat
6Striated WhiteMarble₹ 120- ₹ 280/ Square Foot$21.52-$50.21/SQM Exact PriceChat
7Ambaji SuperiorWhite Marble₹ 200- ₹ 400/ Square Foot$35.87-$71.73/SQM Exact PriceChat
8Agaria Pure WhiteMarble₹ 100- ₹ 180/ Square Foot$17.93-$32.28/SQM Exact PriceChat
9Indian WhiteCarrara Marble₹ 140 – ₹ 320/ Square Foot$25.11-$57.39/SQM Exact PriceChat
10White IndianStatuario Marble₹ 140- ₹ 320/ Square Foot$25.11-$57.39/SQM Exact PriceChat
11Albeta White ₹ 260 – ₹ 520/ Square Foot$46.63-$93.25/SQM Exact PriceChat
12Banswara PurpleMarble₹ 140 – ₹ 160 / Square Foot$12.55-$43.04/SQM Exact PriceChat
13Bliss WhiteMarble ₹ 180- ₹ 300/ Square Foot$32.28-$53.8/SQM Exact PriceChat
14Mountain WhiteMarble₹ 75- ₹ 150/ Square Foot$13.45-$26.9/SQM Exact PriceChat
15Multi WhiteMarble₹ 55 – ₹ 160/ Square Foot$9.86-$28.69/SQM Exact PriceChat
16Premium RJ WhiteMarble₹ 500- ₹ 800/ Square Foot$89.67-$143.47/SQM Exact PriceChat
17Premium FrostedWhite Marble₹ 120- ₹ 210/ Square Foot$21.52-$37.66/SQM Exact PriceChat
18Gritted WhiteMarble ₹ 60- ₹ 120/ Square Foot$10.76-$21.52/SQM Exact PriceChat
19Wave MakranaMarble ₹ 80- ₹ 160/ Square Foot$14.35-$28.69/SQM Exact PriceChat
20Swive WhiteMarble₹ 70- ₹ 120/ Square Foot$12.55-$21.52/SQM Exact PriceChat
21Purple CarraraMarble₹ 70- ₹ 210/ Square Foot$12.55-$37.66/SQM Exact PriceChat
22Grimer Marble₹ 60- ₹ 110/ Square Foot$10.76-$19.73/SQM Exact PriceChat
23Splash WhiteMarble₹ 125- ₹ 200/ Square Foot$22.42-$35.87/SQM Exact PriceChat
24Bahama WhiteMarbleRs 60- Rs 120/ Square Foot$14.35-$25.11/SQM Exact PriceChat
25Niza WhiteMarble₹ 80- ₹ 140/ Square Foot$14.35-$32.28/SQM Exact PriceChat
26Indian PandaWhite Marble₹ 120- ₹ 230 / Square Foot$21.52-$41.25/SQM Exact PriceChat
27Volkano WhiteMarble ₹ 80- ₹ 180/ Square Foot$35.87-$89.67/SQM Exact PriceChat
28Fantasy CreamMarble₹ 200- ₹ 500/ Square Foot$32.28-$50.21/SQM Exact PriceChat
29Fantasy Brown Marble₹ 180- ₹ 280/ Square Foot$17.93-$35.87/SQM Exact PriceChat
30Katni Marble₹ 120- ₹ 230/ Square Foot$12.55-$25.11/SQM Exact PriceChat
31Panda White Marble₹ 120- ₹ 230/ Square Foot$21.52-$41.25/SQM Exact PriceChat
32Marmara WhiteMarble₹ 120- ₹ 230/ Square Foot$21.52-$41.25/SQM Exact PriceChat
33Carrara Marble₹ 140- ₹ 320/ Square Foot$21.52-$41.25/SQM Exact PriceChat
34White MarbleMarble₹ 200- ₹ 350/ Square Foot$25.11-$57.39/SQM Exact PriceChat

1. Fantasy Blue Marble

It is a 2 cm thick piece of blue and white semi-quartzite, or an extremely hard polished marble, whose rich hue gives it an exotic appearance and high value. It is undoubtedly a fantastic selection for any backsplash, bathroom vanity top, kitchen countertop, or other house construction.

Fantasy Blue white marble for ₹ 180 per square foot. 

2. Cream White Marble

White floors appear calm. They have a glowing surface that reflects light with a delicate scattering-like influence, making it pleasant on the eyes. Cream white marble is a light cream tint and has swirls of darker colors going through it. This 2 cm thick marble is frequently used as decoration.

Cream white marble for ₹280 per square foot.

3. Toronto Brown Marble

Toronto Marble is a dark brown marble with impurities of white, light coffee, and brown hues. Colour patterns vary and are distinctive, depending on the existence of impurity grains. Because of its sturdiness, colour, quality, and elegant design pattern, this marble is a hit. The interior walls, floors, counters, and fountains are just a few of the areas

Toronto brown marble price starts from ₹ 230 per square foot.

4. Makrana Pure White Marble

Due to its magnificent white and elegant appearance, Makrana pure white marble is highly popular. Its polished, smooth surface raises the value of any real estate. This marble is priced per square foot, with prices ranging from ₹ 500 to ₹ 1500. Despite looking pricey, it has a lifespan of more than 15 years. Fortunately, maintaining the beauty of this marble doesn’t require any expensive chemical treatments. 

Makrana pure white marble for ₹280 per square foot.

5. Greta White Marble

Greta marble features soft beige and gray veins that run through it as well as a smooth and polished surface that increases its natural beauty. It is frequently utilized in architecture and sculpture. Due to its warm and inviting appearance, it is an excellent choice for counters, floors, and walls as well.

Greta white marble price ranges between ₹ 60 to ₹ 180 per square foot. 

6. Striated White Marble

Striated White Marble is a highly polished natural stone with distinctive gray veining. It is a well-liked option for a variety of residential applications due to its amazing beauty and versatility. Additionally, this marble is simple to maintain. To keep it shiny, you might need an annual sealing service.

Striated white marble price varies from ₹ 120 per square foot to ₹ 280 per square foot. 

7. Ambaji Superior White Marble

Ambaji Superior White Marble is a pure white marble from India with delicate gray veining. This marble is frequently used for wall decoration, flooring, and both interior and external architecture and has a life span of 10-plus years. Additionally, it can be used as a tabletop and countertop.

The price of Ambaji Superior White ranges from ₹ 200 to ₹ 400 per square foot. 

8. Agaria Pure White Marble

Agaria Pure White Marble has distinctive light-gray decorative elements. Any home project benefits from and is empowered by this distinctive white marble. Its appeal never loses its vogue. Agaria Pure White is in demand for its style, color, appearance, and patterns even if newer flooring materials are becoming more well-known and trendy.

The price of Agaria pure white marble per square foot ranges is ₹ 100 to ₹ 180. 

9. Indian white carrara Marble

Indian Carrara features purple-colored veining on the surface. Though it is reasonably priced but could be damaged by scratches or abrasion. The main areas where it can be used include hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and conservatories. This well-polished marble is 2cm in thickness and suitable for high-traffic areas in the home.

The price of Indian white carrara Marble starts from ₹ 140 per square foot and goes high up to ₹ 320 per square foot. 

10. White Indian Statuario Marble

This marble comes with a white base and delicate gray veins on it. It will never go out of style. After installing this beauty in your interiors or exteriors, you don’t have to worry about changing it in the long run. In other words, White Indian Statuario marble lasts for 15 years or more.

The price of white Indian statuario marble varies between ₹ 140 and ₹ 320 per square foot.

11. Albeta White Marble

Albeta white marble comes with black or gray veins on it. This trendy and expensive stone will give a luxurious appearance to your home. The quality of this marble makes it long-lasting for up to 10 plus years. Since it is a natural stone, it doesn’t require any chemical processing.

The price of albeta white marble starts from ₹ 260 per square foot and rises to ₹ 520 per square foot. 

12. Bliss White Marble

Bliss white marble is a mesmerizing white color marble with little brown color patterns. However, you will only see such patterns when you are closer to the marble. From afar, the marble looks pure white. This marble is best suited for floors, kitchen countertops, water features, exterior cladding, or a situation where an ever-lasting and high-quality material is required.

The price of bliss white marble starts from ₹ 180 and goes high up to ₹ 300 per square foot. 

13. Mountain White Marble

This polished natural stone comes with a bright white background having graceful gray veins. The main areas where this marble is employed include sculptures, exteriors, and interiors. Like some other white marbles mentioned above, this marble can also be cleaned with a gentle soap solution and water.

The price of mountain white marble typically varies between ₹ 75 and ₹ 150 per square foot. 

14. Multi White Marble

Multi-white marble boasts of white base having dark veins and is available in a wide range of finishes including polished, honed, brushed, and sandblasted. Interior designers can pair this marble with bold or neutral hues for residential and commercial projects.

The price of this 2cm thick Multi white marble starts from ₹ 55 and rises to ₹ 160 per square foot. 

15. Premium RJ White Marble 

Premium RJ white marble is a well-polished natural stone that has a white base with gray veins. It can be employed to generate diverse looks, including modern, traditional, classic, and minimalist. Nevertheless, one can utilize this marble to render luxury look as well as sophistication to any room. 

Premium RJ white marble  this Mable of little expensive, with prices ranging from ₹ 500 to ₹ 800 per square foot.

16. Premium Frosted White Marble 

Premium frosted white is a versatile natural stone with a white background having frosted veins that give an elegant look to any residential or commercial project. It is most particularly used in bathroom and kitchen designs. The marble is available in diverse finishes such as polished, honed, and brushed.

The prices of premium frosted white marble begin from ₹ 120 per square foot and increase up to ₹ 210 per square foot. 

17. Gritted White Marble 

Gritted white is a polished natural stone that has patterns of white, gray, and black veins and swirls. This highly durable marble reflects light that can brighten up any room and make it appear larger. Furthermore, Gritted white marble requires special attention because a lack of proper sealing and maintenance can make it prone to staining and etching.

The price of gritted white marble lies between ₹ 60 and ₹ 120 per square foot

18. Wave Makrana White Marble

Wave makrana marble is widely known for its purity, whiteness, and durability. Numerous famous buildings and monuments have this marble because of its unique wavy pattern design. The main areas where wave makrana marble is used include carvings, sculptures, countertops, and floors. The marble is available in diverse finishes including polished, bush-hammered, honed, brushed, flamed, lepatora, and more.

Wave makrana white marble price starts from ₹ 80 per square foot and goes up to ₹ 160 per square foot. 

19. Swive White Marble

Swive white marble features white and gray wave patterns that complement traditional and modern styles. Interior designers use this marble to create a wide variety of looks, including elite, ornate, minimalist, and contemporary. It is essential to seal this marble occasionally to preserve its beauty and shine.

The price of swive white marble varies from ₹ 70 per square foot to ₹ 120 per square foot.

20. Purple Carrara  Marble

This high-quality natural stone has unique white and gray veining patterns that render a classic look to flooring, countertops, and wall cladding. High-traffic or busy properties should employ this marble due to its high durability.

The price of purple carrara marble varies from ₹ 70 to ₹ 210 per square foot. 

21. Grimer White Marble

Grimer marble is an exotic natural stone that is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The main regions where this natural marble can be used include backsplashes, accent walls, shower surrounds, flooring, and counter tops.

The price of grimer white marble oscillates between ₹ 60 and ₹ 110 per square foot. 

22. Splash White Marble

This high-quality marble has a white base with unique gray veins, making it a popular selection for interior as well as exterior applications, including floors, backsplashes, and countertops. Since Splash white is durable, it can bear heavy usage and foot traffic.

Splash white marble price starts from ₹ 125 per square foot and goes up to ₹ 200 per square foot. 

23. Bahama White Marble

Bahama white is a natural stone characterized by a white base having gray veining patterns. The marble is employed in traditional and contemporary styles and can be polished with top-class gloss for matte look. Every slab of Bahama white is distinctive. Thus, it is essential to analyze slabs before installation.

The price of bahama white marble marble starts from ₹ 60 per square foot. 

24. Niza White Marble

The main feature of this marble is its white background brimmed with gray veins and beige or gold highlights. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms, libraries, and other high-traffic buildings. Furthermore, it needs proper care and maintenance for its long life.

The price of niza white marble starts from ₹ 80 per square foot. 

25. Indian Panda White Marble 

Indian panda white marble has striking gray or black veining patterns on a white base. Interior designers can use this marble in numerous areas, including countertops, backsplashes, walls, and floors. Like Bahama white, this marble’s slabs are unique and should be viewed properly before installation.

The price of Indian panda white marble starts from ₹ 120 per square foot. 

26. Brown Panda Marble

Brown panda marble is a stunning combination of brown and white hues in diverse patterns. Due to its elegant look, it is widely used in residential and commercial settings. Furthermore, it is available in several finishes including polished, honed, flamed, brushed, and more.

The price of Brown panda marble begins from ₹ 80 per square foot. 

27. Volkano White Marble 

The main characteristics of Volkano white marble include a striking look, unbelievably high durability, low maintenance needs, and diverse applications. It is available in a wide variety of finishes including polished, honed, tumbled, and brushed.

Volkano white marble  prices start from ₹ 200 per square foot. 

28. Fantasy Cream Marble

Fantasy cream marble is characterized by soft creamy beige background brimmed with bold light and dark brown vein patterns. Its polished finish renders an elegant look to any room. The main areas where this marble can be employed include floors, walls, and countertops.

The price of fantasy cream marble varies between ₹ 180 per square foot and ₹ 280 per square foot. 

29. Fantasy Gray Marble

This classy natural stone is a blend of gray and white hues having delicate vein patterns. Architects, interior designers, and homeowners adore Fantasy Grey marble due to its timeless appearance and miraculous durability.

The price of the fantasy grey marble ranges between ₹ 180 per square foot to ₹ 280 per square foot. 

30. Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy brown is a stunning natural stone that features a mixture of brown, gray, and white colors that form a mesmerizing pattern. This marble is widely used in luxurious apartments, homes, and buildings as well as commercial projects. It is available in numerous sizes and thicknesses

Fantasy brown marble price starts from Rs 180 per square foot. 

31. Panda White Marble

This marble features a white base brimmed with solid black veins running through it. The surface of this marble is smooth and polished. Plus, its colouration is consistent as well as uniform. If you want to add sophistication to your property, Panda white marble can be a good option.

Panda white marble price varies from ₹ 120 to ₹ 230 per square foot. 

32. Marmara white Marble

This low maintenance marble comes with distinctive look, featuring a white base with gray veining patterns. To highlight the natural beauty of the marble, one should go for polished finish. On the other hand, for matte look, one can go for honed finish.

Marmara white marble price ranges between ₹ 120 and ₹ 230 per square foot. 

33. Carrara Marble 

Carrara white marble is in demand due to its pure white background having soft gray veins. This marble is available in diverse finishes. However, if you wish to render a vintage look to any room, you should prefer a tumbled finish over polished, honed, or brushed.

The price of carrara marble starts from Rs 140 per square foot and go high up to ₹ 320 per square foot.

34. Petros® White Marble

White marble is a premium marble having a pure white base with subtle gray veins. This marble is different and better from other white marbles due to its high compressive strength as well as low water absorption capacity. That means it is the best choice for high-traffic areas and wet atmospheres.

The price of petros® white marble starts from ₹ 200 per square foot.

How to choose white marble for a specific room? 

With so many white marbles mentioned above, it can be daunting to choose the perfect selection. For this reason, we have penned a small guide on how to pick the best piece for any room. 

1. Do you like veins on marble or plain ones? 

Some people prefer pure white marbles in their rooms, while others love to go for marbles with soft or dark patterns. Makrana pure white and Agaria pure white marble have almost pure white base with little to no patterns. On the other hand, Greta marble and Striated white marble come with a white base with soft gray veins. Toronto Brown consists of striking white, cream, and brown patterns. Inform the agent about your choice of base and veining, whether you want veins or not. 

2. What kind of finish do you prefer? 

There are different types of finishes, including polished, honed, brushed, tumbled, bush-hammered, lepatora, and flamed. The polished finish makes the surface of the marble glossy, whereas honed finish makes the marble matte. For textured look, brushed or bush-hammered finish can be a good choice. On the other hand, if you want to render vintage look to your room, go for tumbled finish. For areas that require high slip-resistance, flamed finish is a suitable option. 

3. Decide what kind of edge you want your countertop to have. 

Countertop edges render a smooth finish and add personality to the space. Common edge designs include the full bull nose, chamfer, laminated, double full bull nose, double Dupont, Single Ogee-A, and Single Ogee-B. Ask an interior designer to help you choose the perfect edge for the kitchen or bathroom countertop. 

Why is white marble a good choice for flooring? 

Marble was most commonly used in castles, kingdoms, and palaces many centuries ago. Even the present era witnesses marble as the best choice for flooring in residential and commercial places. It is often used in flooring, backsplash, countertops, stairs, buildings, cemetery markers, sculpture, and agricultural lime. Marble will never grow old or outdated and continue to add worth to the properties. 

White marble doesn’t just look luxurious and classy, it provides mind-blowing benefits as well. Here are the top 5 benefits of using white marble. 

1. Durability 

While choosing flooring materials for a property, we happen to look for something that lasts longer. Fortunately, white marble comes with high durability, which means it can last up to 100 years. It is also resistant to water damage due to its low porosity. (Porosity implies several empty spaces in a particular material. The lower the porosity, the lower the capacity of the material to transmit liquids. )

2. High resistance to shattering 

Some flooring options, like tiles or laminate, are not resistant to physical damage. If you accidentally drop heavy objects on them, they may break and become a burden on your pocket. On the other hand, white marbles don’t shatter easily due to their hard wearing surfaces, unless you deliberately use hydraulic press. 

3. Excellent insulator 

An insulator is a substance that doesn’t allow heat or sound to pass through it. White marble is an excellent insulator, which is beneficial in every season. Installing white marble in the deck, pool, driveway, patio, or walkway will offer cooling benefits in summer and warmth in winter. 

4. Reflects light 

One of the best features of white marble is that it reflects light. Its light-reflecting functionality can make even small rooms appear spacious, welcoming, and brighter. Therefore, if you have smaller rooms and want to make them seem larger, white marble is a perfect choice. Plus, it is affordable. You will learn more about the prices of different white marbles in the upcoming section. 

5. Not so high-maintenance 

There is a myth that white marbles are high maintenance. This myth is entirely wrong. You can clean white marble flooring using warm water and mild stone cleaner soap to get rid of stains. Furthermore, it is advised to reseal marble using a neutral pH breathable sealant every 12 months for its long life. Overall, such cleaning efforts seem pretty low-maintenance. 

In short, white marbles are versatile and add personality to any room. 


Purity and peace are symbolized by white marble. White marble is frequently used by architects as flooring or wall coverings to give spaces a sense of openness and brightness. White also has the benefit of being timeless and perennially trendy. Fantasy cream, Toronto Brown, Panda White, Carrara White, Fantasy Gray, Bahama White, Niza White, and White Marble are a few of many types of white marbles, as mentioned above. Such marbles can be used in interiors, exteriors, and sculptures. To pick the right marble, ask yourself if you like veined marble or a plain one. Ask yourself what kind of look do you want for your room– rough, matte, soft, textured, or vintage. The chosen look can be achieved with the help of a particular finish. All in all, whatever marble you choose, make sure it’s within your budget.

Based on your particular requirements, our experts, here at petros can help you choose the right white marble at the best price. To learn more and get a free quote.consultation, get in touch with us at +91-8446360361 or mail us at contact@rishabhvjoutlook-com

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