11 Best Granite Companies in India | Largest Granite Manufacturers & Exporters

Here is a list of the Best Granite Companies in India. Working with companies that can meet the desired quality specifications is imperative.

Due to the wide range of applications of granite finding the best granite company that can meet the desired specifications, quality and delivery timelines is imperative. Ensuring that you work with the best granite brand is extremely important.

Here is a list of the 11 Best Granite Companies in India:

  1. Petros® Stone LLP
  2. Neeraj Granite
  3. RK Marbles
  4. Bhandari Marble Group
  5. Classic Marble Company
  6. Aditya Stonex
  7. Amit Marbles
  8. Rashi Granite and Exports
  9. Madhav Marble
  10. Pacific Industries Ltd.
  11. Rocks India

Granite is an essential building material that not only has an aesthetic appeal but also plays an infrastructural role in the space. Granite is widely used in buildings, bridges, monuments and other exterior surfaces. India is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of natural stone, especially granite. Depending on the application, granite can be required in multiple forms: ranging from granite slabs, granite kerbstones to even entire granite blocks used for granite monuments and granite headstones.

Thus, we have meticulously researched and prepared a detailed study of the best granite manufacturers, exporters and companies in India.

1. Oswal Granite

Over the last three decades, Oswal Granite has been a leading exporter, manufacturer and supplier of over 221 granites, marbles, sandstone and limestones from 
Oswal Granite started as a small natural stone trading company in 1989. But since then, they have expanded into several domains such as Manufacturing, Exporting, Project Management, Corporate Consultation and more. By using the latest manufacturing technologies, they set an example for quality & consistency in such a gruelling industry.

Oswal Granite is an ISO certified company with units and stockyards in Chittorgarh, Madurai, Srikakulam, Pune and Bangalore.

Stockyard – Oswal Granite – Largest Collection of Granite, Marble, Quartz

Product Range & Quality

Oswal Granite has more than 140 varieties of granites, 50 plus varieties of sandstones, 25 plus varieties of slate-stones and 10 plus varieties of limestone. That makes it easy for the clients to select and ideate by understanding the nature of granite, its properties and shade consistency. Oswal Granite has a unique collection of natural stones making it the Best Granite Company in India.

Quality Control at Oswal Granite

Oswal Granite maintains a stringent 3-step quality control system before shipping. This broadly includes: Shade, Dimensions & Surface Finish. 

Shade Consistency: Oswal Granite ensures that a high level of colour consistency is maintained across all shipments by procuring all the material from the same bed of the mine,
Dimensional Accuracy: Oswal Granite ensures that the material is strictly manufactured according to the dimensions (size & thickness) specified. By using advanced technology, the company ensured tight tolerances.
Surface Finish: Oswal Granite has more than 8 surface finish options to choose from ensuring that the surface finish meets the quality requirements of the project..

The company has a very high production capacity and excellent distribution network across the globe. Oswal Granite is known to process more than 154 colours of granite alone. Manufacturing and Quarrying activities are performed all across India including Chittorgarh, Sirkakulum and Bangalore.

Projects & Clientele

Oswal Granite is known for its excellent work with high-profile cleints and massive construction projects. 

Here are some of the projects/clients of Oswal Granite:

  1. Singapore Technologies (Singapore)
  2. Tata Consultancy Services (India)
  3. J W Marriott Group
  4. L & W Group

Tata Technology Research Center in Pune is one of the largest projects by Oswal Granite, supplying over 1 million square feet of granite throughout its construction.

Singapore Engineering
Tata Technology

The JW Marriott Pune Facade

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.oswalgranite.com/
Corporate Office: Oswal Granite, Sr.no 25, Undri-Handewadi Road, Pune Maharashtra. , Pune, Maharashtra. 411060
Contact: +91-9422079858 ,+91-8010745211
Email address: contact@oswalgranite.com


It is a one-stop solution with one of the largest collections of granites, marbles, limestone and other unique natural stone products. Their main warehouse of over 1 million sq. ft houses more than a few hundred types of granite – offering one of the easiest ways for product selection for any project. High-level managerial expertise coupled with expert project management is why they are highly recommended.

2. Petros Stone:

Petros Stone is one of the largest exporters of Engineered Stone: That is Quartz Stone Slabs. These slabs are made from high-grade quartz minerals. Petros Stone is one of the best quartz brands in India. Apart from engineered stone, Petros Stone is also into the manufacturing and export of natural granite. Petrosstone specializes in exotic granite colours manufactured in different parts of India. Petrosstone is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of granite in India.

Product Range & Quality

Petros Stone exports granite to over 89 countries and 4 continents. Major exports to the UK, USA and the Far East. 

Petros Stone manufactures over 78 types of engineered stone including carrara, calcutta quartz series. A completely automated Breton Line ensures very high-quality engineered quartz stone slabs.

Well Equipped 1 Million Sq.ft Warehouse at Petros Stone

Projects & Clientele

Symbiosis is a very famous and renowned institute and, as it is known for its academics, it is also well-known for its infrastructure in the building materials and architecture world. It took around 4.5 million sq. ft. of granite while constructing this epic institute of education – Granite supplied by Petros Stone. 
Petros Stone has also worked with the Osho Ashram in Pune. About 58,000 sq. ft of exotic and ultra-luxury granite colours were imported from Brazil. 

Granite Manufacturing Using the Latest Technology

Contact Details:

Website: https://petrosstone.com/
Corporate Office:: Petros Stone LLP, Undri-Handewadi Road, Pune Maharashtra. , Pune, Maharashtra. 411060
Contact: +91-8446360361
Email address: contact@petrosstone.com


Petros Stone is not only one of the leading brands of Quartz Stone Slabs, but also an excellent company to work with granite, marble and other natural stone requirements. The best way is to get directly in touch and everything ships directly from the factory ensuring a high-quality control assurance, tight tolerances and a smooth experience throughout.

3. Neeraj Granites: 

Neeraj Granites is one of the leading global exporters of Indian Granite and Imported Marble. They ship to over 30 countries i.e., five continents around the world. Processing over 60 colours of granites at their processing units.

Product Range and Quality

Elanza Export Pvt. Ltd is associated with Neeraj Granites. Trained personnel maintain stringent quality control right from the quarries by hand-picking blocks and processing them on gang-saws and cutters. THey process a wide array of sizes – of granite slabs, tiles and blocks. Packaging and labelling are systematically carried out, especially for projects to ease laying and forwarding.

Here are a few granites that they specialize in: Absolute black granite, Alaska gold granite, Bash Paradiso Granite, Bahama Ivory Granite.

Kitchen Granite Bash Paradiso
Kitchen Granite: Bash Paradiso

Projects & Clientele

Having a presence in the capital of the country, Neeraj Granite had a great chance to work for the best medical institutions in the country; AIIMS. 

Contact Details:

Website: https://neerajgranites.com/
Address: Neeraj Granites / Elanza Export Pvt. Ltd, Shivganga, No. 28/4B, Shenkottai Village Corner, W Main Rd, Sathamangalam, Tamil Nadu 625020.
Contact: +91-452-4246755, +91-98430-56002
Email: info@neerajgranites.com


The company is best recommended for granites found in Madurai, India: Bahama Ivory, Shivakashi Gold. 
Raw Silk Ivory Granite
Raw Silk Ivory Granite

4. R.K Marbles: 

The Story

The journey that started from a small warehouse and today continuing across the globe has just been amazing for R.K Marbles. 

Product Range and Quality

They are definitely amongst the largest producers of granite and exporters of marble in India. R.K Marble not only remained instated with its granite business but also expanded its wings; to the different sectors like Wonder Cement, Ninety Degree Homes and Wonder home Finances.

R.K marble has also set up quarrying in Vietnam – of Flawless white and cat’s eye white. THese marbles are one of the purest white marbles found in the world. 

White Marble Quarry

Projects & Clientele

RK Marble have supplied to companies like Godrej, Sobha, Prestige Group, DLF to name a few. The collaboration with such large corporations has created global recognition for RK Marble.  

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.rkmarble.com/
Address: R K Marble Pvt. Ltd., Makrana Road, Madanganj – Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India, 305801
Contact: +91- 1463- 277777, 260101-03 & 250501 -03
Email: info@rkmarble.com


Standing for the last 31 years, R.K Marble is one of the best granites exporters, importers and manufacturers in the country. The perfect destination for Italian Marble. 
Alaska Gold Granite

5. Bhandari Marble Group:

Though Bhandari Marble group is not known for its manufacturing capacity of imported technological advancements they have a huge range of products, all in one stop. This makes it very easy to select stones white designing architectural spaces like Hotels and luxury home interiors.

Bhandari Marble Group has a unique and substantial range of Indian and Imported marble and Granites supported by a world-class packaging facility. 

Projects & Clientele

Projects by Bhandari Marble Group: The Kingdom Of Dreams, Ramada Gurgaon Central, ITC Hotels, Oberoi Resorts and Spa.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.bhandarimarblegroup.com/ 
Address: Bhandari Marble Group, Madanganj, Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India.
Contact: 91-9116340111, +91-9672940111
Email: bhandarimarblegroup@gmail.com


Highly recommended for luxury interiors and exteriors. Their specialization is granite and imported marble slabs generally used for floors, countertops and other interior applications.

6. Classic Marble Company Private Ltd

With its headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra is the only company that can produce 150 million square feet of marble in the country. Being one of the biggest suppliers with different quarries in the world gives it a massive strategic advantage. 

Product Range and Quality

CMC is the largest importer of Italian Marble in India. It specializes in the architectural world of stones. Curating exotic and exclusive stones is their core expertise. This gives them the ability to provide you with very exclusive stone slabs found in some of the finest quarries of the world – making your space the epitome of luxury. 

CMC specializes in Onyx, Travertine and Armani Brown Marble.

Projects & Clientele

J W Marriott Mumbai. The ambience you feel after entering this five-star hotel is unique and soothing to your eyes. It gives an experience of grandeur.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.classicmarble.com/
Address: 15 Bhandup Village Road, Subhash Nagar, Bhandup (W), Mumbai – 400 078, Maharashtra, India.
Contact: (91-22) 4140 4140, (91-22) 4140 4100
Email: info@classicmarble.com


CMC specializes in the ultra-luxury segment. If super-exclusive and exotic natural stones from across the globe is what the project needs, CMC is the perfect company to work with.

7. Aditya Stonex: 

Aditya Stonex has been located in Udaipur, the hub of marble and granite in India. It is an ISO 9001:2015 company.

Aditya Stonex is true to its foundational values of commitment, quality and trust. They have excellent project management skills and are some of the most reliable natural stone companies in India.

Product Range and Quality

They usually processed cutter size slabs and polish using 24-head line polishers.
They specialize in the manufacture of Lakha Red Granite, Tan Brown Granite and Rosy Pink Granite.

Projects & Clientele

One of the projects by them is Veetrag City Jodhpur

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.adityastonex.com/
Factory Address: Aditya Stonex, Sukher Industrial area, N.H. No. 8, Udaipur-313011, Rajasthan, India.
Contact: +91 94141 79114, +91 8764 016 819
Email: raviraj@adityastonex.com, staff@adityastonex.com 


Aditya Stonex stands and follows the simple yet effective principles of commitment and trust making them a very reliable company to work with. If the project requires a steady, simple long term supply of materials, Aditya Stonex is a great company to work with.

8. Amit Marbles: 

Amit Marbles have 150 types of marbles imported from around the globe. It is the largest stockyard in Delhi with a large stock of marble slabs fulfilling various architectural requirements. Amit Marbles have quite a unique range of collections like; immortera-collection, immortera-collection, altera-collection and, crystera-collection.

Product Range and Quality

The company does not specialize in any one domain but has an all-around satisfactory performance in the manufacturing of granite.
With large stockyards and over 4 decades of industry experience, Amit Marbles is a good company to establish trade relations with.

The company is located in Delhi which makes them extremely accessible for the entire North India. For projects requiring good service and constant updates, Amit Marbles accessibility can be an excellent advantage.

Projects & Clientele

Popular project by Amit Marbles is Amity University, which is well known for its infrastructure and elegant interiors. 

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.amitmarble.com/
Address: Delhi NCR, Khasra no. 5, Fatehpur Beri, Main Chattarpur Mandir Road, Opposite Hotel Ocean Pearl Gardenia, New Delhi 110074, India.
Contact: +91 9212736930, 011-26655411
Email: info@amitmarble.com


Serving many national and international high-profile clients with their unique marble product range has made them one of the top natural stone companies in India.

9. Rashi Granite and Exports:

Rashi Granites uses Italian machinery for processing their stones which gives them a superior material quality and consistent specifications throughout the production. 

Product Range and Quality

Rashi Granite and Exports maintain a consistent stock of all the ordered stones ensuring timely and consistent deliveries. 

They usually process cutter size granite slabs giving them the ability to process stones about 320cm x 90cm. The company is geared towards exports but also has some domestic output.

Projects & Clientele

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai and Estela de Luz in Mexico City.

Contact Information

Website: https://www.indiagranite.com/
Address: 117 & 118, Bommasandra Indl. Area, 4th Phase, Jigani Link Road, Bangalore – 560 099, India. 4th Phase, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore – 560099, India.
Contact: 7760984254, 9611903300
Email: kandoi@indiagranite.com


Rashi exports more than 30 years of experience in the industry and excels in granite production with its four units across the country. They ensure timely delivery of material by maintaining a calculated level of stock of granite blocks, slabs.

10. Madhav Marble and Granite Ltd

Madhav Marble is a completely export-oriented unit – manufacturing both marble and granite. They have an annual capacity of 6.5 million sq. ft consisting of several gang-saws, polishers and resin lines from Pedrini. They operate with two divisions: Marble Division – Based in Rajasthan and Granite Division – based in Tamil Nadu.

Their expertise lies in the processing of granite slabs. THicknesses can of course be customized according to the requirement. Madhav Marble processes almost all the colours of granite found in the northern region of India.

Projects & Clientele

Since Madhav Marble is a completely export-oriented unit their clientele is based in North America, Europe and the Far East.

Contact Information

Website: https://www.madhavmarbles.com/
1st Floor, Mumal Towers, 16 Saheli Marg,
Udaipur – 313 001, Rajasthan, India
Contact: +91 8560899515
E-mail: madhav@madhavmarbles.com


Madhav Marble has a huge production capacity. With their speciality in granite tiles and granite slabs they are an excellent company to work with for any such requirements.

11. Pacific Industries Ltd

Pacific Industries Ltd  was founded in 1989 as a completely export oriented unit. The company not only has some of the most advanced granite plants but also quarries a number of granites. 

The company manufactured more than 60 colours of granite and quarries 4 very unique granite colours found in India.

Product Range and Quality

Granite quarried by Pacific Industries Ltd: Indigo Granite, Savannah White Granite, Blue Night Granite and TItanium Black Granite. The company has also set up an automated Breton line – Engineered Quartz Stone Slab Manufacturing plant under the Taanj.

Pacific Industries boasts a gigantic manufacturing infrastructure with 10 gang-saws, 110+ multi wires, 4 epoxy lines, 6 polishing lines and 6 cutters. This gives them immense production output to meet the rising demand for high-quality granite products.

Projects & Clientele

  1. Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Hospital, Kuwait
  2. Korea Lime Stone Project, Korea
  3. Istanbul Airport, Turkey
  4. Acquino Research Centre, Phillippines

Contact Information

Website: https://www.pacificindustriesltd.com/
Address: Pacific Industries Ltd, Village Sapetia, Brahmano Ka Guda, Bedla Udaipur 313004, (Rajasthan) India.
Contact: +91 294 2440196, 2440388, 2440933, 2440934
Email ID: pilnorth@pacificgranites.com, mayank@pacificgranites.com


Pacific Industries are the best granite company if you are looking for high-quality Alaskan granites. They also have exclusive quarries of titanium black granite and savannah white granite making them extremely reliable for these two colours. This, coupled with their venture in education, proves their superior managerial expertise ensuring that products and services are delivered in a timely manner.

These were the top-most granites manufacturing and exporting companies in India. Each company has its own specialization, product and client portfolio, manufacturing capacity and project management expertise.  

We hope that the above research presents you with all the essential information required to help you find the right granite company in India to work with.

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