Top 20 Golden Marbles in India | Image + Price

Top 20 Golden marbles in india
In this article, we discuss the best golden marbles that are found in India - along with their prices, finishes and manufacturers.

In this article, we will be looking at types of golden marbles in India, their finishes and their prices. Golden Marble is one of the major ingredients that enhance a space’s overall look and make it more elegant and beautiful. It comes in several varieties, which makes it tough for buyers to ensure the best selection. The marble should be functional, match house interiors, and meet the specific requirements of the individuals. It is important to learn about the different types of golden marbles available in the market to make an informed choice.

Types of Golden Marbles | Golden Marble Price In India

Here is a list of all the typesof golden marbles along with thier pictures and their prices:

Sr. NoGolden Marble NameGolden Marble ImageGolden Marble Exact PriceContact
1Rainforest Gold Marble
Exact PriceChat
2Flowery Gold Marble
Exact PriceChat
3Goldino Marble
Exact PriceChat
4Ita Gold Marble

Exact PriceChat
5Goldio Marble
Exact PriceChat
6Ambrosia gold marble Exact PriceChat
7Vegas Gold Marble  Exact PriceChat
8Stone Cherry Gold Marble  Exact PriceChat
9Gold Jaisalmer Marble  Exact PriceChat
10Banswara Gold Marble  Exact PriceChat
11Indus Gold marble  Exact PriceChat
12Amber Gold  Exact PriceChat
13Giallo Siena  Exact PriceChat
14Almaty Gold Marble  Exact PriceChat
15Alaska Gold Marble  Exact PriceChat
16Portoro Gold Marble  Exact PriceChat
17Calacatta Gold  Exact PriceChat
18Emperador Gold  Exact PriceChat
19Girasole Gold MarbleExact PriceChat
20Cloudy Gold MarbleExact PriceChat

Types of Golden Marble Finishes  

1. Polished 

The aesthetic appeal of Polished Golden Marble is similar to granite as it features a mirror-like marble finish. It is among the most popular marble finishes and requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

2. Leathered

A marble slab with leathered finish is highly popular because of its natural look. It features a unique texture and finish that differs from stone to stone.

3. Lapatro

It blends a polished and leather finish and features a modish and rustic look. Lapatro has an anti-skid marble finish, making it one of the most sought-after marble varieties. 

4. Flamed

Marble with a flamed finish doesn’t have any shine. It is an anti-skid marble with a unique raw look and hidden textures. Marble with flames finish is ideal for the house’s exterior walls and outdoor kitchens.

5. Shot Blasted

The Shot Blasted marble gets its finish from the wheel blasting technique and is considered the most durable option. A wheel machine shoots blasts into a marble slab, giving it a raw look. However, the feel and touch of the marble slab remain smooth.

Besides the above, there are various other marble finishes. It is important to learn about the varieties available before making the final decision.

Perks of Using Golden Marbles

Golden Marble is a perfect alternative to Granite. The advantages they offer span aesthetics to functionalities, making them highly desirable. However, it requires thorough research and careful selection to find the most appropriate marble variety to create a functional and aesthetically appealing space. 

The exquisite beauty, timeless elegance, and versatility in complementing various interior designs make Golden Marble popular among buyers. Moreover, their natural patterns and unique veining add a touch of luxury to any space. Beyond their captivating appearance, golden marbles also exhibit durability, resistance to heat, and ease of maintenance, ensuring a long-lasting and gratifying investment. 

Major Benefits of Golden Marble

  • Beauty Boost

The gold finish elevates interior spaces, enhancing the beauty of even the dullest rooms. Buyers can choose between different varieties according to their suitability and preferences. Such as polished Golden marble for a glossy feel or leather for a raw yet sophisticated look. 

  • Variety of Options

The market offers abundant golden marble options, with color variations and gold finish proportions. Hence, it is easy for individuals to find an option fitting their needs and choices.

  • Cooling Properties

Marble’s inherent cooling property induces a sense of relaxation and tranquility within the space. Light-colored marble is perfect for regions with hot climates as it helps maintain interior space temperature. Marble installation reduces utility bills to a significant extent.

  • Easy Maintenance

Cleaning marble floors is easy; a simple wipe with a wet cloth restores their pristine appearance. Marble’s durability allows it to withstand heavy use, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  • Monetary Advantage

Investing in a marble floor or walls significantly increases the market value of a property compared to those without marble. A house with marble finishes sells at a higher price and yields higher returns.

  • Durability and Sturdiness

Marble is resistant to breakage or staining, and its shine remains intact for years. Homes and office spaces with marble finishes don’t require frequent renovations. The durability of a marble slab is directly correlated with the longevity of its shine. It is a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution for any space.

  • Affordable

Marble proves to be a cost-effective choice for multiple reasons. Firstly, with a wide range of marble options in the market, it is easy to find a variety that suits various budgets and preferences. Secondly, its durability and low-maintenance nature minimize the need for costly repairs or replacements. However, careful consideration should be given to selecting the appropriate type and finish. 

Best Golden Marble Manufacturer in India

Finding a company offering superior quality products at budgeted prices is important. Fortunately, India has a good number of marble manufacturers and suppliers. Among the trustworthy options, Petros Stone emerges as a top brand. They offer excellent quality marble varieties suiting individuals’ different needs and preferences.

1. Petros Stone LLP

Petros Stone leverages cutting-edge technology and modern architectural designs to bring its customers a wide selection of finely engineered, high-quality natural stone options. Their products are crafted to instantly elevate any space’s ambiance, feel, and look. With an impressive range of marble varieties, Petros Stone is undoubtedly one of the top marble manufacturers. They offer premium quality products featuring exquisite finishes.

Petros Stone LLP

(Best Golden Marble Manufacturer)

Top Qualities of Petros Stone LLP

  • Leverage Technically Advance Methods

The company uses advanced Italian technology. Petros Stone employs state-of-the-art multi-cutters, gang-saws, and 24 head polishers to achieve the highest quality standards in marble polishing.

  • Offers a Wide Range of Marble Varieties

Petros Stones offers an extensive selection of marble. It ranges from deep black to bright whites and traditional greys to stylish golden finishes. They provide diverse choices catering to every customer’s preferences with over 100 shades and a wide range of finish options.

  • Expert Assistance 

An excellent choice is guaranteed with the expert assistance of the Petros team. Buyers are facilitated with comprehensive guidance to make the right choice. The experts offer detailed assistance and suggest suitable options by carefully understanding the client’s requirements. This personalized approach guarantees a well-informed decision-making process, allowing buyers to finalize the purchase confidently.

  • Quality Assurance & Certificates

Petros Stone ensures an uncompromising quality assurance process across all operations. Their attention to detail guarantees flawless quality. They ensure impeccable polish standards to precise slab thickness. Petros marble is ideal for those seeking a premium product within a budget that stands the test of time. 

Petros Stone is the ultimate destination to buy premium quality marble with a given color, finish, and budget preferences. And the best part is that buyers can discuss their requirements with the company’s expert team to ensure the right purchase.

Contact Details:

Website: https://petrosstone.com/

Corporate Office: Petrosstone LLP, Undri-Handewadi Road, Pune, Maharashtra – 411060

Contact: +91-8446360361

How to Choose the Right Marble?

Golden marble is both aesthetically appealing and functionally suitable for residential and commercial spaces. When faced with a dilemma regarding the ideal marble type that complements existing interiors, golden marble emerges as the perfect answer. However, carefully selecting the best product from a reliable vendor is crucial.

Suppliers like Petros Stone offer a vast selection of over 100 marble varieties, known for their exceptional quality in the country. Their expert team provides free consultations to address all your queries and suggest the best options based on your budget and requirements. With the right purchase and professional installation, you can transform your space into a truly modern and elegant environment.

By choosing such reputable suppliers, you can ensure the right purchase to elevate the functioning and beauty of your space. Golden marble enhances the visual appeal and brings a touch of luxury. So, take advantage of these exceptional suppliers and create a space with timeless charm and class.

Feel free to get in touch for a free consultation, quote and get a detailed understanding from our experts here at Petros®. Visit https://petrosstone.com/ or call +91-8446360361 and WhatsApp 

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